Teach On Your Own Hausa. Hausa regarded significant dialects of Nigeria.

Teach On Your Own Hausa. Hausa regarded significant dialects of Nigeria.

Understanding how to Speak Hausa Language

Hello (“Sannu”). This page happens to be specialized in individuals considering mastering and push the Hausa language, the people’s tradition and tribe. I’m called Sam Odiaka.

There are not many means on mastering the Hausa vocabulary on the Internet (that I could look for), thus I made a decision to set some up me.

It is basically the principal lingua franca (“a media of correspondence between peoples of several tongues”) throughout Niger while the northern two-thirds of Nigeria.

Todays Hausa individuals originate from the Hausa Bakwai, the seven traditional states of Biram, Daura, Gobir, Kano, Katsina, Rano and Zazzau (Zaria), which means the nucleus of Kano, North core and north-western states of Nigeria plus the part of Niger Republic.

At the beginning of the nineteenth hundred years, the Fulani of Sokoto included the authorities associated with the Hausa Bakwai in to the Sokoto empire, the building blocks associated with political organization regarded to 1966 like the north area for Nigeria.

The empire of Kanem Bornu kingdom, and also the balance of today’s north-eastern, Benue-Plateau and Kwara states, continued beyond the main-stream of Hausa and later Fulani impact.

Be aware that Gwari is actually an expression still familiar with mean men and women that haltingly stammers completely Pigeon Hausa (Bagwari ne). Whilst those foreigner whom speaks fluid Hausa these are known as “Ya iya Hausa kamar jakin Kano”, practically implies, “he converse Hausa like a Kano donkey”.

Hausa was popular as a lingua franca by Muslim communities in other countries West of Nigeria, for example Benin, Togo, and Ghana.

Hausa are expressed by, around 22 million native presenters, plus another 17 million 2nd code audio speaker.

The biggest native communicating society is within Northern Nigeria, exactly where Hausa might indigenous communication on the most of the people and a universal lingua franca regardless an audio speaker’s primary communication.

In towns outside basically Islamic places the zango will usually be the middle of planned Islamic strategies, for example Koranic universities and internet sites when it comes to important Islamic celebrations.

This excellent website is developed that can help you become self assured about learning the Hausa words, effectively without paying few weeks, period and even a long time mastering latest terminology that you will lose interest very fast! First and foremost its no-cost!

Its intended to be Fun! Pleasant! Well-being and joy with best friends and family, often with co-worker workplace – “you training close friends about Hausa code” with smile on the look.

Teach on your own Hausa site is created to assist you educate positive singles yourself on the Hausa lingo rapidly, that may help you feel more confident reading your family members speaking Hausa and learns exactly what numerous people say with regards to you in Hausa terms. Whether they’re swearing or causing you in tongue, you will need to nowadays CONSIDER.

That this site designed for?

Perfectly, any muscles who wants to have a great time easily discovering the Hausa tongue. Concerning myself, the webmaster, my personal mummy are an Hausa (well Zangon Kataf in Tagama community) and my father, an Igbo (Ogbeobi Unodu Ibolo-Oraifite).

By putting this site I happened to be expecting it might encourage my favorite youngsters and me to know the Hausa code.

Additionally, it is meant for people-born out area Hausa land, perhaps your folks can speaks Hausa and didn’t have enough time to help you learn the language or perhaps you’re right now an American or African American citizens you’ll would like to see your folks’ unique lingo.

Understand this site as a basic lesson into the building block of this Hausa communication.

This great site is made up of data you can make use of Right now, WITHOUT HEADACHES. The right GIFTS for that family.

If you treasured examining the contents of this website please tell your relatives and family members about this – so they are able have fun and. Picture you communicating Hausa in their mind? Weldone!


This site was authored that will help you talk easy terminology through the Hausa communication. Talking “light hearted” Hausa terminology with all your face (yes! YOU) are cheerful

That’s this contents internet site for: Beginners just who really need to learn how to speak Hausa quickly lacking much of a fascination! It is the a large number of conveniently digestible internet site information have ever written on the subject.

Who happens to be this content internet site never for: contemporary Hausa speakers. This incredible website meets a rookie target audience in an open and helpful form. If you’ve currently understood an overview, you will not need to get this amazing site materials.

These types of discreet Hausa will not be protected within internet site. Thus, for the time being; train yourself Hausa, focus take the Kano county Hausa.

Being the Hausa dude (not just bbchausa) will claim.. “Waiwaya maganin mantuwa” this means. given that excellent everyone is stating the fact, much more excellent visitors should talk upward. Why don’t we as a part re-trace all of our strategies back once again to exactly where facts begun to get wrong.

No matter whether we illustrate yourself swahili, igbo, hausa fulani or voa hausa. Facts ought to be stated continuously.


The Bbc hausa (or BBC World provider Hausa based in Manchester UK) present bbchausa service on their worldwide info page www.bbchausa using Kananci (Kano dialect like the typical).

There are some gists/gossip and tales regarding the Hausa men and women, that now live-in northern Nigeria, elements of Ghana, Niger and Togo that the BBC’s Hausa solution (bbc hausa com or bbchausa) transmitted to.

BIBISI Hausa coverage on the Africa cup regions

The Bibisi hausa (two-way radio bibisi) industry provider possess detailed protection from the Africa Cup of states from cluster levels for the ultimate on 31 January.

The bibisi hausa page www.bbc hausa is equipped with organization news, statistics and fit research for every single sport and lively articles discourse within the gap complement, semi-finals and last.

Bibisi hausa (or bbchausa) often uses the progress of all of the African groups such as Nigeria’s really Eagles and catching up with supporters who possess produced the long-journey from west Africa while BBC Portuguese for Africa will take care of the event in each one of the facilities three daily shows.

Radio Deutsche Welle Hausa and Express of The Usa Listen Online

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